Story by
Rebeka Lesac

Git is currently one of the best version control tools out there. To master it, you first have to become familiar with it inside and out. That is one of the reasons why we decided to host the workshop explaining basic Git concepts and commands. After a brief warm-up focused on the Git theory, we skipped to a more exciting part – uncovering how we use Git in t-matix. 

For more than 90 minutes, our experienced developers Dražen and Denis answered a lot of questions! Some were easy, some showed to be more challenging, but at the end of the day, students left the room prepared to harness the new knowledge gained in this interactive workshop.

At the very beginning of his presentation, Dražen already introduced the final assignment related to GitHub Flow. As he explained, he had chosen that very flow because of its simplicity.

All the tasks followed the same set of rules/recommendations associated with the flow mentioned above:

  • create a new branch from the master branch,
  • make changes to that branch (edit, delete, create files),
  • when you finish, push changes to the remote repository,
  • make a merge (pull) request,
  • after code review, merge the branch into master.

Our participants were instructed to create a local repository so they could engage in making a Git commit-tree that should eventually look like this:

Our plan was to present Git in such a way that nobody felt out of the loop. It should be noted that students invited to the workshop had not met each other before, or they had only known each other by sight from the canteen or some other student common areas. Despite that, or the different levels of their Git-related knowledge, we saw no lack of success – the future software development experts performed well and learned quickly. I noticed that some took the initiative and tried to come up with a solution on their own, while others would patiently wait for extra input coming from our speakers. Eventually, while showing the same level of commitment and sharing the common goal, they successfully fulfilled the tasks that combined theoretical and practical parts related to various Git concepts. 

Even though the foreseen tasks were finished, some issues were still left on the table. When Denis noticed that they had run out of time reserved for the lecture, he moved the discussion to the kitchen. Everyone used the chance to grab a pizza while discussing either the workshop or some other unrelated Git questions that could be answered by the experts in the room. Eventually, Dražen and Denis asked the students to send them feedback and any future questions to While sharing workshop materials, the boys also encouraged the participants to connect with them directly. It is always a great idea to stay in touch with talents that might someday become our new colleagues, right?

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