Story by
Rebeka Lesac

Sharing our thoughts and ideas about technology and development has never been easier! Now we can discuss all this not only among us but share it with you as well.

Last month was very busy! In a short period of time, we managed to carry out two significant projects. Today, we finally launched our Dev Corner website, and a few weeks ago we made our physical Development Corner more spacious by moving into a brand new office.

“Stories covering infrastructure usage implementations, best practices regarding coding, and the current and future technologies.”

Dev Corner will be our platform for presenting the things cooked up by our team – it would be a pity to keep all of this to ourselves! The idea is to write tech blogs, which will be our way of connecting with the dev community. You can expect stories covering infrastructure usage implementations, best practices regarding coding, and the current and future technologies (programming languages, frameworks, libraries) that we use. Additionally, we will introduce you to our office culture and film some videos that will include various technical explanations regarding broadly applicable problems.

Nevertheless, do not let all the interesting dev stuff completely distract you from our Jobs section, where we will regularly update open positions. Before digging into our website, it is also highly recommended that you visit our Team section, where you can get to know us better.

Still, the best way to meet us is to come to our new office location, the Green Gold Center. The more spacious and modern office allows us to hold more productive meetings and improve our brainstorming sessions. The results of these office improvements are already noticeable in our everyday work, and we hope to see more of them in the future.

You will notice that we do not always go with the flow – sometimes we do things our own way, following our instincts. Often challenged with various questions, we have decided to act as solution seekers, constantly pursuing technical excellence!

Follow Dev Corner and our social networks – join us on our developers’ path!

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