We are developing an IoT platform and looking for a DevOps Engineer (m/f) to join us on the journey to further improve it!  

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  • WHY t-matix

Here in t-matix we successfully connect the dots of the IoT world. To stay at the top of the game, it’s crucial to connect with you as well. We can overcome challenges only if we grow and develop together.


Behind our IoT platform, device-agnostic and programming-free solution, there are diverse subject matter experts. Each of them possesses a specific skill set and wide knowledge. By cherishing individualism, we have created powerful and dedicated teams. One of them is the QA Team.

Our DevOps Team is driven by:

  • Challenging the status Quo: ask the questions that matter, challenge assumptions and don’t be contented easily
  • Understanding: we all have our differences, that doesn’t mean we cannot have a common ground and a common goal
  • Improvement: try to be better today than you were yesterday, improve yourself and improve the product you are working on

Now, they are looking for a new colleague. Check if you would make a good fit.


You are a beginner or experienced DevOps Engineer (we are interested in all seniority levels) who wants to improve skills and knowledge in DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure areas. Most of all, you want to grow with us in every aspect – especially in accepting and implementing DevOps mindset. Besides, you:

  • Are familiar with deployments in Kubernetes

  • Are familiar with developing Helm charts

  • Are familiar with creating and maintaining Kubernaslonetes clusters

  • Want to automate all and everything on the system

  • Understand how Linux works

  • Have experience in system administration of Linux servers

  • Like debugging misbehaving services and help development teams in debugging

  • Have the urge to learn and optimize all technical parts of a system as well as working processes

Extra points if you:

  • Have experience with Postgres

  • Are comfortable with Prometheus, Grafana and understanding metrics

  • Are comfortable with Kafka cluster and Zookeeper

  • Know how to read code – Python, JS, Java, Golang

  • Have the will to develop internal tools for the Infrastructure team or the entire system

  • Possess knowledge in one of automation toolsets like Ansible, Slat, Terraform

  • Are good with Vault and Hashicorp tool

  • Have any AWS or Kubernetes certificates


You will enable our development teams to have a comfortable environment for production, testing and development.

Your job will include:

  • Monthly deployment of an IoT solution on multiple clusters including on Premise clusters

  • Optimizing system monitoring and alerting based on metric

  • Optimizing resource consumption on AWS through adjustment of Kubernetes deployments

  • Developing new Helm charts for new services, optimizing old charts

  • Developing testing, development, and production environments in Kubernetes cluster in automated manner for on Premise customers and in cloud

  • Taking over the entire technical control over one or more on Premise customers

  • Improving security of the system based on CIS/CAT benchmarks


We offer a number of benefits including:

As we claimed at the beginning, we have answers to all of your questions. The ball is in your court now!

Send us your application and join us in pursuing technical excellence!

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